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Thursday, April 20, 2006
FlickrFont Now Cross-Browser
Internet Explorer users are now no longer safe from the peril of FlickrFont, the distributed social font discussed on Freshblog. Thanks to the Flickr Developers' Yahoo! Group, the outstanding issue with how Flickr presents JSON feeds has been resolved.


Also, the size of the image letters is much smaller, meaning quicker downloads and less strain on Flickr's servers. The extra bandwidth also means that the TypeWritr just got more annoying, thanks to cheesy sound effects *shudder*

If anyone's using Konqueror or Safari, could you please let me know if you've escaped with your aesthetic sensibilities intact?

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Posted at 1:53 AM by Greg.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi.I was looking at Julie's No Fancy Name blog and noticed that she has some ma.gnolia links in there that when you click on them instead of taking you to the ma.gnolia pages,the posts appear on the blog itself.

How can you do that?

By the way,you have a great blog.Very interesting and helpful.

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Blogger Greg said...
Hi Sab,

In her sidebar, she fetches a JavaScript from ma.gnolia:

This script (click on the link above to see) has some bookmarks in it (URLs point to ma.gnolia). It then spits out HTML that makes a list of those bookmarks. When you click on them you momentarily go to ma.gnolia before being redirected back to Julie's blog.

Why? Not sure. Perhaps she wanted to keep those posts sticky.

BTW - this isn't my blog. I just guest blog here from time to time.



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Blogger John said...
Yup,... Important to note also that these were / are Julie's posts in the first place, bookmarked into mag.nol.ia and then pulled back into the sidebar using the linkroll feature... A great way to make a sticky menu.

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