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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Custom Adds for your Feedflare Footer
As promised, a little more on Feedburner's Feedflare. Marshall Kirkpatrick points to a new Feedburner feature that will let you customise your post footer in your feed. Not only can you add pre-selected modules, but the service has been opened up so that you can write your own. Feedburner maintains a list of all the currently developed units in their Feedflare Catalog. They also make it ridiculously easy for you to implement a custom unit:
To use 3rd Party Flare, just copy the Flare's address (found in the “Use this link” entries below) and paste it into the Personal Flare field on the FeedFlare service setup form for your feed.
There are lots of "add to social bookmark" services, an alert that will find the word "monkey" in a post (& which is presumably customiseable to find a word of your choice?) and a v. interesting little add-on called Reference Tools that will link from your feed footer in a reader to the comments on your blogger blog, allowing a reader / subscriber to cut straight to the discussion and chime in with their ten cents, even though they read your post in a reader. This, I like!

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Blogger Sue said...
Reference Tools does not give the comment feed in a feed reader.

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