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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Google Blogsearch for Categories, Hack 4
Taher at Websites, Mashups and More has come up with a variation on the Google Blogsearch Category Method developed by Orangewise, Skeptic Rant and Netcf2.0.
The provides a search engine for blogs. All I needed to do is use the search engine and pass it the query that I am interested in. I started by looking at the advanced search options for the I found out that you could perform a search for a specific phrase in the posting's title. You can also limit the search to a specific blog. That’s basically all I needed.
This method looks for keywords in the post titles, and uses javascript to manage the sidebar menu... although I guess you can hard-code the URLs into your sidebar too? Pretty cool, and saves time on the bookmarking, as Taher notes in his critique of the method.

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