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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Blogger, know thy stats...
First of all, thanks to everyone who checked in over the weekend, left comments, and engaged with the whole "tag passing" adventure that we're working on. Much appreciated. Stick around now... normal service has been resumed (for whatever that's worth....) & I'm sure plenty more tags will be passed.

Now, an interesting statistical thingumajigger. As part of the whole post-holiday catchup, I logged into feedburner to see what's hot in Freshblog Feedland. I find the most interesting part of this whole deal to be the reader stats, mostly because I'm blown away to see how many readers there are, and how many different ways there are to read a feed... even this lil' feed. Here's what struck me today. Lots of people are reading Freshblog's feed, but the bulk of the hits back to the site seem to be coming from bloggers who are tech-savvy and plugged in to the latest reader tech. 89 people subscribe in bloglines, which only resulted in 12 hits. 33 people have Freshblog as a Firefox Live Bookmark, and they were good for 133 hits in spite of the fact that I haven't updated all weekend. Clear winner, though, is Google Desktop. 24 subscribers, and 212 hits. Interesting. How does the presentation of content on Google Desktop & Live Bookmarks differ so that it encourages clickthroughs (or are these just early adopters / regulars who would click-through anyway?)

Posted at 1:21 PM by John.
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Blogger Singpolyma said...
LiveBookmarks and Google Desktop will not display the full text of a feed item (LiveBookmarks display only a title) meaning that people have to clickthrough just to read a post.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
You also might be interested in reading more about how most feed reader "aggregation sites" report visitor counts. Not standardized, as far as I know, but there seems to grow an ad hoc de facto standard, even though I believe terminology hasn't stabilized quite yet. Let's hope they get there soon.

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