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Monday, October 10, 2005
Tech-literate youth are "Digiborigines?"
In reponse to an article in the Guardian, Andii Bowsher defines the generation that are coming behind us, & captures their tech-literacy with a new term that illustrates their intimate familiarity with the tools of the web, & their use of those tools for communication rather than information retrieval. I'm happy to support his goal of getting this listed in the OED!! Here's the analysis of the generation gap:

Nouslife: Youth, blogs and digiborigines:
On average, people between 14 and 21 spend almost eight hours a week online, but it is far from a solitary activity. There are signs of a significant generation gap, and rather than using the internet as their parents do - as an information source, to shop or to read newspapers online - most young people are using it to communicate with one another.
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