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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Tags in Google Search History
So Google Personal gets that little bit more personal, & probably a whole lot more useful, with the ability to tag the results of recent searches.

Seems that we've linked to a whole lot of new services this week, a huge number of which are tag & folksonomy related. Web Giants & new startups are all inding new ways for us to sort, tag & access stuff that we've seen on the web. Is this the blossoming of Web 2.0? Spring for taggers & for those of us who want to generate our own order out of the mass of available material online?

See Micro Persuasion & Inside Google for the scoop on the tagging feature at Google.

And oh, BTW, what does this do to Wink, which seems to use Google results & add the same functionality? Perhaps the competition will point up some interesting & useful contrasts between the services.

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Posted at 11:11 AM by John.

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