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Friday, October 07, 2005
So what's "wink" all about?
Well, they signed me up as a tester, so let's find out together, at the Wink Field Guide, where there's a goodly list of things that you can do with your Wink search results:
Create a Search Set - Have you just spent hours researching your next vacation or next weeks term paper? You can now save all that research into a Search Set and share it with your friends. Wink lets you create search sets from all of your Saved Searches, classify them and share them with others. You can create and modify your Search Sets in your My Page or your search guide.

Tag to your hearts content - Found a cool digital photography site? Tag it with your own reference keywords so you can find it again easily. Tagging is easy - simply click on the red Tag icon, or on the Wink Tag link in your toolbar, and put the keywords you want to use into the Tag box. Tagging helps you easily categorize your favorite sites under topics. You can also view other sites for those same topics that other users have tagged, and discover new information that you might not have come across in a standard search query. Next time you want to find information on digital photography or any topic you have tagged, start with your tagged sites on that topic, and go from there. You'll find your list of Tags in your personal page.

Rate and Block Results - Was the first search result perfect? Great, then click on the fourth star on the right, which indicates that this site is an excellent match to the query. Were the first few results just okay, or did you find some SPAM - results that are obviously advertising and not helpful at all? Then click on the block symbol (show icon circle with line through it) to keep it from showing up again. Every time you rate a site, you help improve results for yourself and for everyone else who uses Wink!

Manage your Stuff - By simply searching and tagging, you're creating your personal page. You can get to your personal page by clicking on "My Page" at the top right of the screen. This is where you can view your list of tags, your Search Sets and your search history.

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