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Friday, October 07, 2005
Anatomy of an Instalanche
or in this case a Slashdot-a-lanche, or whatever they call it over there. Darren at Problogger dissects the blip:

before a Tsunami that there are telltale signs of the onrush that is about to occur - and with Slashdot the signal of masses of traffic is about 15 minutes where a tiny trickle of visitors come over before the post with your link goes live on the front page.

Sure enough - 15 minutes after the first couple of visitors came an onrush of traffic to this post. Since that time around 40,000 visitors have passed through this blog.

The focus of the post is adsense optimisation, & keeping your traffic around for a while by placing your outbound link judiciously. I'm with Darren, though. The courtesies of the blogosphere ought to outweigh the economics of the adsense.

Posted at 11:04 AM by John.
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Blogger Yokota Fritz said...
A site that gets overwhelmed from slashdot traffic has been "slashdotted."


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