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Monday, September 12, 2005
Template Update
Thanks for the feedback... positive, negative and anti-crosshair!! I'm still tweaking. The crosshair is gone, as are a few of the scripts that I think I can live without (time will tell.....) although some of the slow ones (blogroll especially) have benefits that outweigh the downside of the load time. Am looking at the width of the columns too. I thought I had made it all relative w/ percent values instead of pixel values, but there must be a pixel in there somewhere that's setting the tone & popping the scrollbar for some of us....

In "that's plain wierd" territory, it seems that the last bit of the sidebar loads with a white font on post pages only.... making it sort of hard to read against the white background. Why only the post pages is something I'm checking in to... (like I have the first clue....) Otherwise, I like it, and it seems that you do too!!

Thanks again.

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Posted at 3:01 PM by John.
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Ahhh! The cross hair is gone. Thanks!

It feels like a video game with the cross hair. I want to shoot something :-)

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Blogger Tor said...
Hi John,
The new template looks awesome. I notice your blogger navbar is a different shape now, too. I've been doing the "next blog" crawling bit, and found perhaps 20% of the blogs out there now have double-depth. I don't know if we've done something to cause this with our template editing. Anyway, in my case, I just had to drop all my content 20px to accomodate.

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