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Friday, September 16, 2005
Technoogle feels the benefit...
Technoogle: "I think that Google has doubled the usual number of hits per day and the day hasn’t even finished yet, it certainly directed more visitors to my blog than Technorati normally do in whole week.

So thank you Google, for creating blog search engine, and I add my voice to Jason in asking you to put blog search on the main page next to Web and before Images."

Agreed!! Google was always the #1 main page referrer here, but I think the numbers are going up. We'll see what this week's stats report looks like....

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Posted at 10:26 AM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Google was always the #1 main page referrer here..."

Interesting ... I used to have Techorati at 100% ... today I've checked my stats and it's 55% Technorati and 34% Google.

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Blogger Yokota Fritz said...
Among the blog search engines, the new Blogsearch is currently bringing me about double the traffic that Technorati is. I also see that almost nobody is using -- most people are using the interface.

A good deal of the traffic from Technorati is from tagging.

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