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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Tagging in Blogger for Word
GTD Wannabe deserves a medal, lauds and general good-buzz for this very cool word macro that adds technorati tags without having to open a browser.
When I was creating offline posts, I was actually opening my browser in order to use the first bookmarklet. It was inconvenient, but was a reasonably quick way to create the appropriate html snippet, which I then pasted back into my Word document. However, I decided that I could duplicate the functionality of this tag by creating a Word macro. How hard could it be? I would just have to parse a string input by the user (me), massage it a bit, and then spit it back out.
What this doesn't do (yet) is allow for one-click posting to, so the browser still has to be opened and the bookmarklet on the toolbar made use of. A challenge, gentle reader. Can we crack the posting to in word too?

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