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Sunday, September 18, 2005
"I take that back"
Yesterday (Icerocket responds to Google, below...) I linked to Mark Cuban's Blog Maverick post welcoming Google to the blogsearch world. I linked from a bookmark that I made when I read the post in my feedreader... then I had dinner, combed my hair....

Anyway... long story short... the post isn't there any more. I don't know whether Mr Cuban decided to pursue another PR strategy, thought the post wasn't the best way to go, or took exception to the comments. 'tis gone, though.

Except (oh, the irony) that Google has a cache of the page. Please accept this as evidence that I am not going barking mad and did not imagine this post, & do not routinely slap broken links up on Freshblog.

As I implied yesterday, the spirit of the post ("we don't need to be #1, we just need to be in the game") is what has me hooked on this conversation, as does the notion that in order to stay in the game, existing blogsearch services will have to continue to innovate, perhaps even at an accellerated pace. This is all v. interesting.... all the more so when parts of the conversation disappear!!

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Mark deletes his posts quite often. This one seems to be back. I remember he once wrote a blog entry about a ref the night they lost a game in this last years playoff run.

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