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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Blogger gets into search
Blogger Buzz unveils "the new Blog Search (which searches more than just Blogger). Type in a word or phrase to see people talk about it, or type in a URL to see people link to it. We’ve moved Blogs of Note from the depths of the dashboard to front-and-center, so you can see our selection of the most interesting Blogger blogs in zippy, side-scrolling goodness."

So some of the "zippy, side-scrolling goodness" wasn't working too well for me in Firefox this morning, but that's OK. Here's another search tool for us to enjoy.

There's a pretty darn groovy feature I wanted to highlight. When your search results (for a keyword, say) display a post that has inbound links, you'll see a "references" link next to the name of the author, & you can jump straight to the cosmos for that post.

How long 'til supported tagging? Soon, I think?.....

Update: The RSS Blog has a round-up of this morning's reaction, & concludes that "everybody else is dead." There is, at the very least, a new sheriff in town... and his badge is very shiny!!

Here also is the FAQ for the new service.

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Posted at 8:20 AM by John.
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Blogger Blogger said...

I was wondering when they'd get it

Also, one last question, you seem to have HALOSCAN comments, yet what I am typing in is comments. Did you just put in the trackback code and leave out the comments code?

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