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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Drop-Down List for Categories?
That's just crazy talkin'!!

But seriously, in response to a comment from Angelsong, who's trying to make this category method work for her, let's investigate: There should be a way to create a drop-down menu, but I guess you'd have to hand-code it with your most frequently used tags, & then include a link to your page for the rest of your tags / categories. The simplest way might be with an old style (& not especially cool-looking) drop-down form like the one on Monica's Portfolio Page.

Anyone else got a cooler drop-down form? Comments are always open & I'd love your input!! I'd take one of these in a heartbeat if we can come up with a way to make one!!

If you don't want to hand-code a list, the single link in the sidebar method seems to be working OK for me. One of the up-sides of this method is that it uses as a substitute category manager / list builder, & so your category list is simply the right-hand column of your page. It isn't on your blog, sure, but it's only a click away, & all the links on the page point right back to your blog. See my page as an example.

Update 7/26: Many thanks to Mark at Escape from Obsession for encoding the drop-down menu for tags & sharing his efforts with the world. Much appreciated!!

Posted at 12:18 PM by John.
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Blogger Shawn Gordon said...
you seem to know waht you are doing here man...I was wondering if you had a bit of time to help me out on my blogger page ad why the hell it looks all hosed the way it does. Now, I dont kno wmuch about doe, as Im a graphics guy myself.... so if ther eis something seriously wrong....would you mind spotting me a bit-o-minty fresh help?

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Blogger Chris Spinks said...
you might try getting in touch with the folks at TruckSpy, they have a 'Browse by Category' drop-down menu.

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Blogger Jason said...
First off, awesome job on the integration... It is working awesome.

I am working on a PHP wrapper that I have incorporated into my blog site to create the drop down list. Using the same drop down idea from your site, I created a snippet of PHP code to pull my tags from (so I don't have to midify the template if it changes):

$delicious = new delicious("user", "passwd");
$tags = $delicious->getTags();
foreach ($tags as $tag => $count) {
printf("<option value=\"\">%s [%d]</option>\n", $tag, $tag, $count);

Download the wrapper here:

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
I am wondering how this is currently implemented in the Freshblog sidebar... it appears to call a javascript that i cannot find defined... are you pulling in your tags feed somehow or are you updating that list manually or what?

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