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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
So are my category tags appearing in Technorati?
Some suggestion that this method of categorising posts isn't universally effective? Koranteng's Toli: "When you do, say,, you don't get the freshblog thing in the technorati list, although you can get to it from the delicious list, so I kind of miss the point of what they are documenting in those two pages ..."

I've commented up the post to try to clarify the point, and thought a bit more about what a technorati tag is & what it does. Technorati bill tags as "The real-time web, organized by you"

If you do a search for how-to, for example, Technorati acknowledge that "700 posts from 217 blogs match this tag" but only display the 20 posts most recently tagged with that term in their search results. In fact, the technorati tag homepage only promises to point to "current tags." Tag search results are mostly useful for seeing what's going on right now rather than as a searchable archive.

Update: Another blog tries it out. Tor's Rants now has categories using this method. The links are there, although they may be somewhat obscured by an e-bay ad.....

Update 6/15: And another. Daniel's Blog is categorising with too. I'm not sure how I feel about his duplication of my whole post, or about being confused with an historical figure, but at least there's a link back here...

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Posted at 6:09 PM by John.
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Blogger Daniel said...
Sorry about duplicating your whole post and confusing you with an historical figure. I guess I wasn't too careful about it, since I tend to think of my blog as a personal diary (e.g., I don't have it listed on, and didn't realize anyone else but me could see it!). In any case, I apologize for my intellectual laziness, and would be happy to remove that long post. Still, thanks for teaching me how to use the delicious tags. - Daniel

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Blogger John said...
Hey!! Wasn't my intention to be a beligerent wake-up call!! Apologies for trauma caused!! I can see who links to what using technorati, & since this post is just about the first one I've written that anyone's been interested in, I'm having fun watching the information spread. I'll be more careful with my glib responses to links in the future!!

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Blogger Tor said...
Just found this post with the mention. I'm not sure how the eBay ad obscures anything, because folks have been coming occasionally to my blog via technorati tags (freeware and buddhism, lately). I did do some minor tweaking to the format of the site last night, so maybe that went away. I'm no html expert, though. Anyway, thanks again for the category-enablement!

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