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Saturday, April 30, 2005
Wireless access in Los Angeles
Following on from the buzz & hooplah about Philadelphia putting wireless in the streetlights (see Freshblog Sept '04 here and here) comes the news that L.A. are working on wireless too. Now for a while I thought this was all a bit far-fetched and exclusive, but two things have helped me to be a bit more dynamic.
  1. Some friends have a wireless connection in their house, and so for them, a lap-top is truly that. They can browse, work, play all whilst cuddled on the couch
  2. I am taking a course for work & we get a 3 month loaner Dell Axim so that we can complete one of the tasks. I have no connection at home, & have checked my e-mail a couple of times in the coffee shop on the corner. I could see this catching on, esp. once all our 'phones are browsers too.
Here 'tis, then, my conclusion that the sooner we're all in the bubble, the better. I will be somewhat heartbroken when I have to give my Axim back, & if I had a tip jar (and / or regular readers) I would be fundraising so that I could buy one!!! via Blogging.LA

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