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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Mornington Crescent
Gareth finds the coolest stuff online.... & maybe this blog should do the same instead of being so wrapped up in all the political junk. Anyway. There's a whole bunch of tunnels in New York that are potential venues for stories, games, and assorted cultural frolics. Ah, the abandoned subway.
First though, of course, is for Mornington Crescent. So what about London?
  • One: Look through the window as you travel between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn on the Central Line and you'll see a station - where no passengers have alighted since 1932. This used to be British Museum station.
  • Two: Photos of abandoned stations.
  • Three: Slightly spoddy historical essay on the topic.
  • Four: If they're not underground, what's the point?
  • Five: H2G2
  • Six: NYC again - The High Line

I'm doing it again, making a link list when Google will do it for you, & this site does it too.

So why is this interesting? Abandoned technology, social & urban transformation, hidden infrastructure, secret lives and histories and journeys, metropolitan evolution...... heck, the whole thing will be abandoned when we invent the teleporter!!!

Posted at 8:19 PM by John.

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