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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Newpaper Rules, 1702
that may now apply to bloggers? Posted by Natalie Solent at Samizdata:

It will be found from the Foreign Prints, which from time to time, as Occafion offers, will be mention'd in this Paper, that the Author has taken Care to be duly furnith'd with all that comes from Abroad in any Language.And for an Affurance that he will not, under Pretence of having Private Intelligence, impofe any Additions of feign'd Circumftances to an Action, but give his Extracts fairly and Impartially ; at the beginning of each Article he will quote the Foreign Paper from whence 'tis taken, that the Publick, feeing from what Country a piece of News comes with the Allowance of that Government, may be better able to Judge of the Credibility and Fairnefs of the Relation. Nor will he take upon him to give any Comments or Conjectures of his own, but will relate only Matter of Fact ; suppofing other People to have Senfe enough to make Reflections for themfelves.

I post this whole not for plagiarism's sake but out of a sentimental attachment to the C18th newspapers in Colindale, as well as because of the obvious current relevance of the publisher's pledge. Given that I'm a "linker," this could actually be a very useful blogger's guide.

Posted at 10:15 AM by John.

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