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Friday, August 06, 2004
Go Bruce!!
The Independent: "This week, in what is surely the most ambitious venture of its kind, almost two dozen artists, led by Springsteen, presented plans for multi-state tours at the very height of the election season to garner support for the Democrats and whip up opposition to President George Bush.
There have have been many past efforts by entertainers to influence US presidential elections, but few with the star wattage of this one, and none, surely as focused and carefully organised. In the first week of October, as the political campaign proper moves into top gear, 16 acts, grouped in to six separate shows, will perform in 10 states.
And not just any states. This itinerary will follow the candidates through the election's most crucial battlefields: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin, culminating in Florida, the most crucial of them all. On the night of Friday, 8 October, there will be simultaneous Vote for Change shows in Miami, Tampa Bay, Orlando and three other cities."
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