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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
From Elites News: "According to The Associated Press, Sarah Jessica Parker will star in the fall campaign for Gap clothing. The campaign, which also features Jessica Alba, Michael Vartan and Lenny Kravitz asks “How do you wear it?”

In the advertisements, Parker wears jeans accented with ribbons. One pair has a velvet ribbon sewn down the legs in the style of tuxedo pants. Another pair of jeans are cut off below the knee and finished with ribbon bows. The outfits are paired with cutesy tops such as a cropped jacket, a pink cardigan and a white shirt with black piping. Parker, best known as the “Sex in the City” fashion-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw stated that she thinks the Gap is “is terrifically creative, fun, inspired, and the clothes are for everyone, of every age.” Parker is known as a fashionista and it is hoped that the ad campaign will help the Gap appear to people who seek new looks."
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