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Saturday, July 24, 2004
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I am starting to mess w/ the syndication options for this blog, having enabled syndication and joined up with feedster. I still harbor the forlorn hope that I might get a reader, eventually. Perhaps now this reader will be ensnared by finding my linkings on an aggregator, rather than on the site itself. (sure....)

As a side benefit, feedster offers a site search option that had made this site searchable. It also lets me customise a list of feeds for my own use, as soon as I can figure out how to delete the pre-installed ones, customise my list of faves and find a program to read the posts.

It isn't the most convenient of sites, seemingly needing to be reworked to split development, business and basic functions. For now, though, I'm listed, searchable, and have plenty of time to figure out the other functions.
Posted at 2:46 PM by John.

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