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Friday, January 23, 2004
Google is so awesome:
Here's the Harry Ramadan's thing, from 2000"Man Battered by Fish Shop

Harresh Faroque Miah Ramadan has little in common with the original cod father, Harry Ramsden, except perhaps humble beginnings. The Bangladesh born businessman opened an Indian takeaway in Stanley Co. Durham, but the call for curries in that part of the world is apparently not very high and the venture was not a success. Harresh therefore hit upon the idea of converting his operation to a fish and chip shop. He also decided to rename it Harry Ramadan’s and to choose a typeface that was coincidentally very close to that of Harry Ramsden’s.

Unsurprisingly, the larger enterprise took a dim view of Mr Ramadan’s activities and, before their image took too much of a battering, were considering trade mark infringement action. For the time being, however, Mr Ramadan appears to remain unrepentant, being quoted as saying “My name is Harresh Ramadan and everybody calls me Harry. Haven’t Harry Ramsden’s got bigger fish to fry?”
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