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Friday, January 23, 2004
More on the Scream....
or is that "Moron... the scream?!"
Lileks: "This Dean remix thing really took off today. The Washington Post mentioned it with attribution; ditto the MTV webpage. NPR played it. Why? Perhaps because it’s short, and it ramps up fast enough. If I’d known this would happen I would have spent more time on it, and I suppose ruined it altogether. As it was I edited the thing blind; since I have no audio edit software right now, I downloaded a demo off Sound Studio. I’d used it before; nice program. But it has an argument with OSX 10.3, I think: the “play” button is disabled. So I had to edit the waveform just by looking at it, dropping the clips into Soundtrack, and seeing it I had what I wanted. Hail me, I guess. Better yet, hail the web. Ever seen the “Buddy Holly Story” ? Think of the band, the Crickets, toiling in Texas, touring the towns, working their way up to the big leagues. A recording contract! A single! Nationwide TV exposure! That’s something only a fraction of a fraction of what musicians got back then. In two days I got international exposure.

Ergo, I am better than Buddy Holly.

No; sorry; tired. My point is not that I am a musician at all, but that the internet lets us assembly-monkeys get out there fast and wide, which is cool. "
Posted at 10:58 AM by John.

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