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Monday, September 01, 2003
Mega Recycling
From PARADE Magazine

So this caught my eye this weekend:- The chance to recycle on a huge scale. Materials exchanges around the country offer useable surplus goods and raw materials to businesses, nonprofits and individuals, often at little or no cost. Visit the following Web sites to find a materials exchange in your area.

Environmental Protection Agency: Materials and Waste Exchanges
Browse the EPA’s handy state-by-state listing of materials and waste exchanges.

The 22-year-old nonprofit Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc., links buyers and sellers from around the nation.

New York Wa$teMatch
New York Wa$teMatch serves businesses in the New York City area. The group states that since 1997, it has “diverted more than 9000 tons of materials from landfills and helped program participants realize more than $1 million in savings and revenues.”

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