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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Hacks Wiki Update
Major kudos to Singpolyma for putting in some significant effort at the Blogger Hacks Wiki, updating the navigation and sorting the hacks by platform. Now you can see the hacks as follows:

The goal of Stephen's restructuring of the Wiki is to keep the content relevant, as well as providing a dedicated hub for all of the great new hacks that have been generated for the new Blogger platform. This is great work!

So over to you.... If you've got a great hack (whether for Beta or Classic), and you want to ensure maximum exposure for your work, as well as placing your hack up against similar ones to allow users to make comparisons, make sure you're adding your hacks to the wiki.

If you're working on your template (whether in Beta or Classic) and you want some extra features for your blog, borrow a hack or two from the wiki and test them out. As Stephen notes, it would be particularly useful to the Wiki community if you'd road-test hacks from the (currently rather large) platform unknown collection so that they can be cataloged appropriately according to platform.

Check out Stephen's wiki update to get the latest on the request hacks process and page.

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