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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Trackback Works in Blogger Beta
Pete from Utter Muttering has taken the beta code for Haloscan comments provided by Logical Philosopher, made a minor but significant edit, & voila, Haloscan Trackbacks now work in Blogger Beta. See Pete's comment on LP's original post for the details of the edit. You'll need the code from the original post too....

If you're asking "What is a Trackback?", check out the Freshblog what, why, how?

Another example of collaboration, sharing, & an individual response to the beta upgrade being put out there for the benefit of all. Gotta love this stuff! Now go make your beta blog all trackback-y!

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Posted at 8:29 AM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
If anyone has problems with getting Haloscan comments to work on both single and multi view posts, I've solved it and posted it on my blog at:
and it works with TrackBack too!

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