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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Technorati Link Counts
In a recent post, Brian at Technorati dissects the statistics that t'rati displays for each blog:
  • Rank 1,375:the number of blogs, plus one, that have more than 1,005 blogs linking to them
  • 1,919 links: the number of links pointing at this URL in the last 180 days
  • 1,005 blogs: the number of distinct blogs pointing at this URL in the last 180 days
  • 3,149 links: the total number of links we found pointing at this blog, ever
There's some explanation and discussion too, esp. of the ranking number, & the notion that several blogs w/ the same number of inbounds within the last 90 days can (& do) share a ranking.

Brian's post is now accessible from the green-circle questionmark next to the rank on your search results page...

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Blogger Jill Homer said...
Technocori really cycles through the stats in its rankings. It's hard to determine what to believe.

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