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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
"Digg It" Links for your Posts
The Blogger Hacks Wiki continues to roll on, gather steam & justify our faith in the format. The latest addition, courtesy of Tom Thomas, is a method for adding a full-service Digg It button to your post footer. This hack suffers from the same chicken / egg issue that other efforts do....
: You need a published post to bookmark something to Digg.
You need the URL of the dugg story before you can add the button....

This, however, is not Tom's problem, and his workaround has the required outcome. Perhaps a little too much effort if you're looking to have every story dugg, but if you want to raise the profile of a few key posts, this is a workable option.

Update 9/23: As Ariel points out in the comments, there's a Feedburner Feedflare by Ross Belmont that will include "Digg It" links on your posts. For instructions on adding Feedflare to your blog instead of / as well as your feed, see Feedburner's quickstart.

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Posted at 5:14 PM by John.
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Blogger AJ said...
If you're using Feedburner, you could add the "digg this" option to your blog using Feed Flare. No involved hacking required.

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