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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Blogger Help Gets Juicy
The Blogger Help pages with the meat of the new template language are live. These include Widget Tags for Layouts and the mind-bendingly expansive full list of layout data tags.

Let the widget-authoring commence!

Some great posts that will help you get started include:
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Posted at 10:17 AM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Amusing timing; I wonder by how many hours I was yearly. :-) Glad about the Blogger DOM list, but too bad there wasn't any news on how to do really funky things.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please feel invited to check my new tutorial on fonts and colors at Beautiful Beta.

Nice to see the community delving into Blogger Beta, and coming up with help & hacks!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have been playing around with the new beta also. I was able to add my header and make a 3 column layout. (Thanks to Hans.) I took it one step more and made it fluid. Take a look at my journey.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
hi everyone.
i used to use the "hearsay" script to display recent comments on blogger classic, it does still work on beta but the display has changed, tried to find the author from the Url in the script and i get a page that i think its from one of the members of this blog.

My question is can anyone modify the script to work/display correctly with beta? since blogs that have migrated dont have recent comments feed this would be a great hack.

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Blogger Greg said...
Hey Ricardo,

That'd be me!

Hearsay has some logic in it to extract post details from a forwarded email. I guess this could be stripped out, leaving a simpler script that displays comments in your sidebar. (To answer your specific question: yes, anyone can modify the script. It's released under Creative Commons.)

I haven't played with my own Beta blog yet, so can I ask:

1) Doesn't Blogger Beta have support for comment feeds already?

2) Doesn't it have built-in widgets for rendering a RSS feed in the sidebar?

I guess if there's some reason to make Hearsay work with the new platform, I could look at upgrading.

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Blogger John said...

I'm not clear as to whether the whole comment feed is broken, or just the display of the URL on the page? To try to roll your own widget, take your blog's comment feed URL, & generate a feed widget with it. See instructions here.

The feed url is supposed to show on the page, but this is currently broken for blogs that have migrated. I don't know whether the URL display is broken, or the whole feed is broken? Either way, worth trying the widget. I'm sure they'll fix it asap.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your replyes, one of the reasons i asked wether the script could be fixed or not was because the comments feed for migrated blogs isnt working.

the 2nd reason is that the "display" looks better than the widget feed thing, the loading animation and the loading message give it a more KIND OF "hi tech look".

with blogger having comments widget built in, you´ll probably not update the script anymore but if you did i would certainly use it.

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