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Friday, April 28, 2006 "Network"
Spinning off the user subscription feature from the inbox (and clarifying it to no end in the process) have added a new feature called the "Network." This allows you to monitor all the bookmarks of users whom you are, I mean, users who share your interests and whose bookmarking activities you'd like to follow.

So, to be clear about what's going on over there:
  • The Inbox is where you read your tag subscriptions
  • Your Network is where delivers your user subscriptions
  • Links for You is where you pick up stuff tagged for:yourusername
You can also (feel the integration) add the link that you're bookmarking to the For page of a user who is in your network from the add page., since now helpfully lists all of your network subs at the bottom of the add page, viz:

The benefits of maintaining a network become clearer. In addition to all the new goodies, and ordered sharing of bookmarks, it occurs to me that this is another way for a reader to subscribe to a blog that is using for categories. We're bookmarking everything over there.... Just add the blog to your network to see the goodies!! If the source blog picks up Greg's great new bookmarking buttons, you'll even get some notes & a bit of a post preview into the bargain!

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Posted at 3:05 PM by John.
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Blogger Greg said...
Very cool. It effectively lets you "merge" delicious user accounts so you get a unified view of posts (but not tags?). I imagine this will be especially handy for people who manage multiple delicious usernames (perhaps on a "per blog" basis).

Now, the really interesting question: can I get at this as a JSON feed? [Eyes roll back in head, eyelids flutter, drool spills forth]

Initial experiments haven't been good, but I'm holding out hope.

Anyone out there got the skinny?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am waiting for someone to work out how to automatically multi-select tags on a delicious page.

Any ideas??

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