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Monday, November 21, 2005
Navbar Hack Request
to do with Navbar visibility in search engines. Rebelbagwan would like to make the navbar invisible to the crawlers, so that navbar content isn't reflected in the "description snippet" that shows in engine results. As I blogged last week, there are a couple of ways to make the navbar invisible to crawlers, and eyeballs, by making it go away. I don't recommend or advocate this (blogger tos violation?) & wonder if there's a template hack to stop the robots seeing the bar without making the bar go away?

Posted at 5:28 PM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Which method do you use yourself [to pick a better description snippet for i e what shows up in Google searches]?

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Blogger John said...

I do this, with meta title and description tags populated w/ blogger tags to expand the site description etc. I don't use meta keywords any more because I understand that Google doesn't read them any more. I have never checked to see whether navbar stuff gets in the way...

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Blogger John said...
but it doesn't seem to....

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