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Friday, October 14, 2005
More on Digiborigines
from Andii at Nouslife, emphasising the difference between the technologically indiginous generation (teens?) and the immigrant generation who are learning as we go, to a greater or lesser extent. Andii quotes Marc Prensky:
There are hundreds of examples of the digital immigrant accent....I'm sure you can think of one or two examples of your own without much effort. My own favorite example is the 'Did you get my email?' phone call. Those of us who are Digital Immigrants can, and should, laugh at ourselves and our 'accent.
I would like to suggest a way to conceptualise this difference. Perhaps digital immigrants use technology for information retrieval but communicate that information more conventionally. Digiborigines use technology both for retrieval and for seamless & integrated communication of their information?

Pushing for that OED inclusion, Andii has also defined the term "digiborigines" on Wikipedia.

Posted at 11:57 AM by John.

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