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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Links Bar Crowded? Get Blummy!!
MarshallK explores the downside of bookmarklet overload, and finds a solution in Blummy:
The concept is simple and brilliant. You create an account (free, I think just a user name and password if I remember correctly) and then with relative ease you can create a Super Bookmarklet. You can drag and drop from a menu of the most interesting bookmarklets other people have contributed, into a box that you size yourself. Then, you drag your Blummy bookmarklet link to your toolbar.
There's apparently some cosmetic issues, but all-in-all this sounds pretty darn good, esp. for those of us who are tagging & categorising w/ I have 2 different tag tools on my links bar, a "post to" link, the not-always-functional "add to kinja" bookmarklet, "blogroll it", 2 versions of "blogthis!," Splogreporter, and links to a couple of sites that I visit so often that even the bookmarks dropdown is too much effort. Blummy sounds like it might be the solution. Thanks, Marshall!!

ps. Anyone looking to get into bookmarklets, mess with them and feel their power, should check out Micropersuasion's "14 bookmarklets every blogger should have."

Update: So now have a blummy bookmarklet. Easy to sign up. Less easy to replicate bookmarklets within the service, esp. custom ones. Lots of cutting & pasting where I expected to be able to drag off my toolbar & into their window.... (Don't know why I expected that, but I did.) Anyway... Have recreated my bookmarklet collection and am very satisfied indeed. Thanks, Blummy!!

Posted at 9:51 AM by John.

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