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Friday, October 07, 2005
Google Reader One-click subscription
Code for a one-click subscription link to Google Reader. I'm thinking about whether the subscription could be exported to the personalised Google Homepage. Maybe I'll e-mail Google & ask them.

Here's the location for the sub link to Reader, anyway:*/feed/http://your feed

Insert your feed address in the URL, place the link on your site, & press "subscribe" on the Google Reader page once you're viewing the preview. Button highlighted in the image because it didn't really leap off the page & grab me.....

Many thanks once again to Fritz at Cyclelicious for the link code & the screencap. Much appreciated. I'll check out ways to export this to the personalised page, & we'll see if we can't hook Jason Calacanis up!!

Update 10/11: I suggested in the comments that you had to add stuff one source at a time. That may have been true when I looked, or I may not have been paying attention.... I certainly didn't go back to correct myself. Let's do that: I was able to import all my kinja subscriptions using OPML, all at one time. Check out my newer post about reader.

Posted at 7:27 PM by John.
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Blogger Yokota Fritz said...
I haven't messed with te Google Portal much so this question may seem dumb, but...Can you add RSS feeds to the Google Portal?

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Blogger John said...
You can, but pretty much only one feed at a time, I think, unless it is one of the custom feeds that they're already offering as an option.

After signing in, you select add content in the top left, & then search by keyword or FeedURL in the left column. The results appear as a list w/ an add button next to each one, & then you can add the content across onto the main page.

I'd like it if you could import feeds wholesale from another reader, (Kinja / Bloglines) & I'd also like it if there was a one-click add link for the personal page & not just for Google Reader. Let's see whether the two new Google technologies become more integrated.

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