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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Category Menu Upgrades
Better scraping of More display options & functions. Awesome!! See the comments on Friday's post, & please respond to Greg's user needs survey. A summary of his upgrades and his feedback request follows!!
* If you click again on an "expanded" category/tag, it will take you to the delicious page - it has some nice features (related tags, clouds, other people's tags etc)

* My post-titles in delicious have the blog name in front of them - the tidy function removes this by dropping all text before the first semi-colon.

* If you click on a post title, the "expanded" tag is persistent (ie carried through in the URL) so that it will be "expanded" at the new page too.

I'll be implementing this for the drop-down list (like at Vent) in the next couple of days.

Lastly, some open questions for the forum:

* Should the drop-down list display posts in a drop down list as well (ie some categories have dozens of posts in them - too long, really)?

* Should the in-post tags take you to the homepage instead of staying on the current page (like at present)?

* Should you be able to select multiple tags? Ie "politics" and "sex"? If so, should this list posts that are tagged with politics AND sex, or posts that are tagged with politics OR sex?
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Posted at 1:37 PM by John.
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Blogger Greg said...
Hi again,

Well, I've been playing around with how to get this into my vent blog. After toying with some variations, I've opted for a "drop slide list" - it's a drop down for picking categories, and then a scroll box for picking the post.

What do people think?

NB: I've set the width to 150px (because that's how wide my sidebar is!) with an inline style. Also, the number of lines in the scroll box is set at 5. Ideally, these parameters should be set by the user in their template - perhaps like the username and anchor variables?

Also, since this one isn't nested, it's in two parts: list_side_tags(); lists the tags (with counts), while write_tagged_posts(); spits out the post descriptions. These can be separated now (though I have them one under the other, you could put them anywhere you like on the page).

Thanks, John, for providing a focal point for code/ideas exchange, and your suggestions about design too - I'll wait to get some more discussion on this one and then look at a new, more flexible, release.

If you want to link to this in its present form, use:

%script type="text/javascript">
del_user = "thetan";
anchor = "vent";

%script type="text/javascript" src="">

(with your own delicious username and anchor tag!)

Then, put this where you want the tag listing to occur (eg sidebar):

%script type="text/javascript">

And this where you want to the post titles listed out (eg underneath):

%script type="text/javascript">

(NB: all % should be < above - can't post it properly in comments!)

Thanks once again for the messages of encouragement and ideas - let's keep this ticking along!



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