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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Build a Dalek...
Linkfilter points to plans for a scale model cardboard dalek.

A collectible you make yourself for your own collection. When I was in grade school I truly thought the book I found it in, TERRY NATION'S DALEK SPECIAL a treasure. I set about making my own Dalek Army with glue, vanilla folders (glueing pattern on them for sturdiness), scissors and markers (and maybe an exacto knife).

To paraphrase Mick Dundee.... "that's not a Dalek. This is a Dalek...

Check out these full-size plans originally published in the Radio Times 1973, available from the BBC by mail in the 1980's & '90s (although I wouldn't know anything about that...) & made available online for the C21st at

Posted at 9:37 AM by John.

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