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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Freshblog benefits from another Ted Ernst suggestion. Ted points out that I can bookmark my older posts on without opening them in blogger to add the tags. This had never occurred to me (duh!) and is helpful because someone getting into my page & categories can find my older posts from there. I went back as far as the end of March so far, helped no end by some apparent upgrades.

First, there's the "click to choose your tags" interface that seems to have replaced the usual reverse chronological list of my posts. Instead I get a list of my tags, with the frequently used ones in bold, and suggested tags highlighted at the top of the page. Is parsing my posts?

Also in upgrade-ville, it seems there are now options for displaying the tag list in the sidebar, (were they always there?) including alphabetical, popular and cloud. I have selected cloud, which is as close as we'll get right now to an map since the makeover seems to have disrupted the map-making tool's ability to read their site. Hopefully it will be up and rockin' again soon.

Watch for more old posts appearing on my!! Thanks for the suggestion, Ted!!

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Posted at 8:50 PM by John.

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