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Monday, June 20, 2005
Monopoly reality, C21st style...
Engadget : "Ever want to play Monopoly in real life, but without the unfortunate side effects of being vilified in sensational anti-trust suits? Well, if you’re a London resident, you’ll apparently have a chance to give it in real life (fake) Monopoly; you’re given (fake) �15m to invest in (real) London properties, and move around the “board” as 18 GPS transmitter-equipped cabbies pick up and drop off players accordingly."

When I was a kid, they called it the Monopoly Run, and they gave a bunch of teams travel passes to see who could get 'round the board the fastest. I don't think there was any investing involved...
Looks like they still do it, although they're not putting much up online.

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Posted at 6:56 PM by John.

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