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Thursday, June 16, 2005
To tag or not to tag....
Mark at Escape From Obsession has seen a big jump in traffic since he started using Technorati tags, & he's considering the next step: "I've been toying around with introducing categories into the mix but with Blogger not yet supporting categories, it seems like an awful lot of hassle. Driko has a good article on using to tag keywords and include categories in his blog [which is powered by Blogger]. Driko has linked to another, more comprehensive, article regarding using and categories. Beelerspace has a beginner's guide to using It's well written and gives a good overview of the service."

There's also an excellent list of upgrades that ought to be part of Blogger, the next generation.

Interesting that Mark credits Technorati tags with such an impact. I wonder how much of my jump in traffic is tag related & how much is due to a couple of posts that actually say something useful?

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Posted at 8:56 PM by John.
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Blogger Unknown said...
The traffic on my site is much, much higher since I started placing those tags into my posts.

I find it highly amusing that the tag for runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks has created so much interest. That tag alone has brought me over 180 unique visitors in just 2 day. That's more traffic than I had for all of last week.

I won't complain though. If it gets more traffic to my blog I'm happy. Maybe people will stop by and find something they like.

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Blogger John said...
Absolutely. Maybe blogging what's hot in the news is a good way to go!!

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