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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Greasemonkey Script for & Technorati Tags in Blogger
Installed Firefox at home, and am meddling with Greasemonkey as per A Consuming Experience, Bryan Price and False Positives.

There are scripts out there to make tags that are good for either or Technorati. Either one adds a tag generator to the blogger new post form. To streamline the process, here's an edited script to make a single set of tags that are good for Technorati and Delicious. This works because Technorati tags don't have to link to technorati. They can link to and technorati will find them because of the rel: tag attribute. One set of tags is therefore capable of doing two things!!

The script makes tags that are grammatically correct for technorati but actually link to Please edit it to replace my username with yours, try it out, & let me know whether it works....

I'm watching technorati to see whether this post shows up in their tag results...

And it works!! As a side note, it looks like you can drill back further in technorati tag searches now, so scroll down the Mozilla results to see this post!!

Update 6/24:
Ignore my jabber in the comments. Technorati can see multiple tags from this script just fine... it just takes a sec, and I have no patience....
Update 7/16:
I've written a more detailed & hopefully more helpful how-to for this method now that I've been using it for a few weeks.

Update 7/23:
The script is now listed on Awesome.

Posted at 4:07 PM by John.
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Blogger John said...
Alright. Help may be required!! I think technorati can only see the first tag in the set. Is this because they're not separated by commas like they are with the bookmarklet?

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Blogger Unknown said...
Hmmmm. This was working for me quite well, and it seems to me that all tags were getting cataloged. Not now, I just went back to check on some of my older posts, and Technorati isn't showing me squat. I just did a ping (shouldn't have to!), so I'll see what happens next. The script can be changed to do double duty. And unlike what False Positives reports, my script (as well as the original) doesn't work with the Blog This! bookmarklet. Which could be a sign that my bookmarklet is old. My Blog This! extension is at .3, and it shows no known updates. Or maybe his bookmarklet is old. :-)

I'll have to play with the script to make sure that all tags get picked up by Technorati. In fact, I just created a blog entry of your entry with Blog This! and put in the same exact categories as you did. I'll check it tomorrow and see what all the tags that are actually working, and see if I have to put in commas or not in the text (shouldn't, it should be going the div's, but who knows what's going on right now.) And then I can fix the script if neccessary.

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Blogger John said...
Awesome. As I say, I can see tags from the script that I modded in both Technorati &, but only the first tag of the string seems to get picked up at Technorati. Could it have to do with their new roll-out this week?

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Blogger Unknown said...
Well, if you go here, you'll find a rant about Blogger (It evidently isn't effecting your blog, but the code is in the source, I just checked!), and Technorati finds my post regardless of which tag I click on, so I suspect that it's related to roll-out that happened.

What's great is that my post is the only post for the last tag. :-P Take that Blogger! Now watch my account disappear. :(

I just looked at your code. I see the tags, but no technorati. :( I don't see the technorati tags in your source HTML either.

Boy, am I frustrated tonight.

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Blogger John said...
On the tags front: Technorati tags don't have to link to technorati. They can link to and technorati will find them because of the rel: tag attribute. That's how you can acccomplish both functions with one set of tags. As for the built-in code in blogger... I don't know a thing....

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Blogger Improbulus said...
Hi John, thanks for the link, how are your tests going? Looks like you're having some difficulty? I've barely had the chance to catch up with my own blog comments so I've not checked your experiments out yet..

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