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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Movies as archives of culture..... "It might sound strange, but sometimes I'll watch a fair to okay vintage film just for the exteriors and set details. For instance, I just rented the Disney comedy The North Avenue Irregulars. While the film itself was a pleasant enough diversion with an 'only in the '70s' cast, what really jazzed me were the outdoor location shots around Burbank. The movie's many scenes of people driving around town showcased the area's somewhat grimy late '70s streets with their dingy grocery stores, gas stations and crumbling buildings. The DVD format lets one appreciate that kind of stuff even more, God help me. "

How long 'til there's a virtual photoshop that lets you erase the actors and just watch the car chase for the buildings....

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Posted at 12:05 PM by John.

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