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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Searching or Linking?
Yahoo Buzz Log doing a sort of study that looks like it should have both significance and purpose. Currently, though, both of these remain murky and unclear...

"Do you find blogs via links or through search? We wanted to know, so we lined up the top 20 blogs in the blogosphere according to Technorati. We then ran those blogs through an extensive series of buzz tests -- well, not exactly extensive and not exactly tests. But we did peek at the number of searches each received over the last week. Are you curious about buzz on Technorati's top 20 blogs?"

For what it is worth... I find a favorite with a search engine, and then go off into a clicky and connected world o'links (or at least I did before I became a disciple of the kinja...)

Posted at 11:05 AM by John.

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