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Monday, June 27, 2005
Technorati Embeds....
So after searching out hacks & tricks to add the link cosmos to this blog, the new Technorati embed delivers it all with one lil' script. There has been some degree of resistance amongst bloggers to the new roll-out, since our carefully designed templates changed overnight. In response technorati customised the embeds and gave bloggers the power to show & hide any or all of the elements.

The way I have it set, the search box and whole blog cosmos link get pasted in there with the logo. Pluses? It is easy. Minuses? It is ugly with a capital ug, and the ability to search all of technorati directly from this blog (esp.useful for tags & keywords) is gone. You can click the logo to reach Technorati & launch searches from there.

Not sure what I think about the changes. I have mothballed the old features with hide tags, and I'm going to live with it for a few days & if I decide that it's not working for me, I'm going to go back to my hack versions of the same tools. We'll see.

Posted at 5:43 PM by John.

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