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Monday, May 16, 2005
Tagging best practice:
I'm horning in on the tagging conversation again.... Permit me to blockquote myself:

I'm having an issue using for categories and technorati tags in blogger, because technorati allows multi-word tags and will only allow single words. I have hyphenated (geek alert) star-trek, sci-fi and how-to. I guess that the tags are of limited use, though, if we're all doing different things. John-Kerry, JohnKerry, John Kerry & all his various capitalisations and mis-spellings.

Do we need an international tagging protocol? Will that take all the fun and flexibility out of the practice? Is it more important to be consistent or to be customiseable?

It is an interesting thread, esp. given that some software allows multi-word tags & some only single words. How do you connect words into a phrase? When is it important to be consistent? For me the point of tags as search terms is to find all posts on a subject (and to list my posts on a subject along with everyone else's.) I can be individual in the categories to this blog, because I'm only linking my posts to my other posts. On Technorati and the wider, though, I want my posts to appear next to everyone else's, so I really should tag the same way they do. On the tagsurf thread , kthe joker suggests that "John+Kerry, "John Kerry" and "JohnKerry" should all be synergized in a single results page. So should "Kerry, John", "john.kerry" and "johnkerry2004", even." That's asking a lot of the engines, and as is pointed out later in the thread, they're not always gramatically correct, "then you run into the same problems parsing as you might with URL's.. remember www.expertsexchange being read as expert sex change instead of experts exchange?"

This is the wave of the future, for sure, but there's still some kinks to be ironed out.

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