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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Hugh Hewitt's "Blog" - the book
I read this book last week, and was so disappointed and borderline offended that I intended to write my first review. What do you know, though.... some equally sharp and savvy consumer has already written it for me. A choice excerpt follows... : "I really, genuinely wanted a book about blogs, one targeted to anyone who might want to start one. Yet when this book finally does get around to talking about blogs it's for a very narrow audience indeed, one that doesn't include me. Hewitt is writing strictly for executives with leadership responsibilities, executives of Fortune 500 companies, as it turns out, and only far right wing executives of Fortune 500 companies. Everybody else is not worth addressing, and anybody who doesn't agree with Hewitt is beneath contempt.

Obviously, the publishers of this book realized early on that the target audience for their clever boy was somewhat limited, so they did what any good hard right publishing house would do, they set out to trick us. .."

I would urge anyone who is considering researching the blog phenomenon to avoid this book, keep their greenbacks, and instead find a couple of blogs that they like, & read the blogs that are in the sidebar of their favorites. They may eventually encounter Hewitt's prose, but hopefully not in a format that suggests it is the last word on blogging or that he is the CEO of the phenomenon. Hughricane, indeed!!

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