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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
On-set catfights?
I smell drama manufactured for ratings, or perhaps for magazine sales?

ABC News: NEW YORK Apr 5, 2005 — They may appear sultry and ready for summer on the May cover of Vanity Fair, but according to the magazine, the stars of ABC's "Desperate Housewives" were actually steaming angry.

Vanity Fair's cover proclaims: "You wouldn't believe what it took just to get this photo!" The article acknowledges that the poolside photo-shoot, in which the five women appear in different colored bathing suits, was manned by an ABC representative who was to make sure that certain demands were met including that Teri Hatcher didn't select her wardrobe first or appear in the center of any group photo.

"Whatever you do," the ABC rep, who wasn't identified by name, said when he arrived on the set, "do not let Teri go to wardrobe first."

Here's the thing. Teri Hatcher isn't in the center of the picture, but she's in the center of the cover once you fold the picture. Anyway. Funny how TV drama needs real-life drama to keep us all interested, isn't it?
Posted at 7:13 PM by John.

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