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Monday, January 24, 2005
Great Sci-Fi?
According to Samizdata, Battlestar Galactica, the mini-series, rocks:
Wow. A show which truly, truly, truly does not pull any punches and proffers a middle finger to the sugar coating of so much of Hollywood's offerings that are aimed at the mainstream. We see nothing less that genocide: the steady nuclear annihilation of the human race. We see men women and children (yes, children) killed pitilessly on one of the darkest bits of sci-fi drama I have ever seen: the Götterdämmerung on 12 planets. Moreover we see the handful of dazed and traumatised survivors on the Galactica and the refugee fleet which forms around this last remnant of the human military, act like, well, people who have just seen their entire civilisation and 99.9% of their species exterminated by an implacable enemy.
Pretty damn good, huh? Haven't seen it. Of course want to now. I wonder when the new series will be on, & whether I get the network?

Posted at 8:28 PM by John.

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