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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
John Fashanu?
No, Eminem, but the point's the same, (sort of...)

Al Franken's Blog: "Even if you don’t like hip-hop--or if you don’t agree with everything it depicts--Eminem’s new video, “Mosh," is important. It’s animated, but no less stinging for that. It depicts a mother coming home with an eviction notice and seeing a report on Bush’s tax cuts for the rich on television; a soldier returning home to his wife and baby, only to be re-deployed to Iraq; and, at the end, an army of white and black people voting. Per Kos, you can write-in a vote for the video on MTV’s Total Request Live and on their hip-hop request show. On either page, scroll to the bottom, click “Other”, and enter Eminem for artist and “Mosh” for song title. Vote as often as you please."
Posted at 6:36 PM by John.

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