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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Get a life.....
and call me back when you've got one: "Folks who blinked and missed the Super Bowl 'boobgate' incident as it unfolded on live TV flocked afterward to -- where else? -- the Web for a glimpse of Janet Jackson's exposed breast and sparkly nipple shield.
By Monday, enough users of the Lycos search engine had conducted searches on the singer's stunt for it to tie the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as the site's most searched-for event. Lycos said searches related to Jackson were 80 times greater than the usual No. 1 Internet search, Britney Spears.
Yahoo reported that Janet Jackson broke records on its site, too, accounting for nearly one in five of all queries from Sunday through Wednesday.
If you doubt that folks were hunting for titillating pictures, Lycos noted that traffic didn't rise at most news Web sites Monday -- except for The Drudge Report (, which posted images of Jackson after her 'wardrobe malfunction.' Drudge drew 30 times its usual traffic on Monday."
Posted at 6:27 PM by John.

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