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Thursday, January 08, 2004
Another classic movie hits the West End
with a couple more Hollywood stars throwing in their 10 cents: Reuters | Latest Financial : "LONDON (Reuters) - Hollywood star Alyson Hannigan has been busy working on her orgasms.
On the London stage, she is to play the film role made famous by America's sweetheart Meg Ryan in the 1989 cult movie 'When Harry Met Sally'.
The film's most celebrated scene takes place in a diner where Sally shows Harry how women fake orgasms, giving a loud, long and graphic portrayal of phoney ecstasy which prompts one of the women customers to ask the waiter afterwards: 'I'll have what she's having.'
Asked at a London news conference if she had been busy practising her orgasms, Hannigan said: 'All the time.'
But would hers be different from Ryan's famous outburst that so astonished Harry, played by Billy Crystal?
The 29-year-old Hannigan said: 'She is a different person than I am. So I imagine our orgasms would be slightly different. But I hope it will still be funny.'"
Posted at 9:35 PM by John.

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